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The GCitizen Blog Page is intended to provide a space for the posting of blogs, articles, and ideas on the topics of global citizenship, global governance, and related subjects. Those interested in posting a blog on this page should send their post to roncisrael@gmail.com. Ideally all submissions should be 1,000 words or less.Once your submission is received we will review it and let you know whether it has been approved for posting.

  • “Fake News” a Growing New Threat to Press Freedom

    By Thalif Deen Note: this essay has been republished with permission from the original article on Inter Press Service. When a Malaysian politician of a bygone era was asked about the “leading newspapers” in his country, he shot back: “We don’t have any leading newspapers in our country because all our newspapers are misleading.” But that comment, perhaps uttered half-jokingly about two decades ago, underwent a reality check recently when the Malaysian government passed legislation to impose prison sentences up to six years in jail if journalists are found guilty of spreading “fake news”. The bill defines fake news as “any... View More →

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Turns Seventy

    By Bertrand Ramcharan Note: this essay has been republished with permission from the original article on PassBlue. When the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted 70 years ago, the hopes of its drafters and of people across the globe was that it would help transform the world into a place of freedom and justice. Sadly, the declaration is now being challenged as it has never been before. This leads to pondering about its future. However difficult may be the going, the Universal Declaration retains, and will always retain, at least one feature that no other international document has: it... View More →

  • Should all countries support the same type of human rights?

    By Yahya Khamis Msangi Note: The perspective enumerated in this essay is the personal opinion of the author and does not reflect a particular endorsement by TGCI. I believe that one of the reasons upholding human rights has been more difficult than expected is due to the assumption that human rights are universal. This is the original sin enshrined in 1948 by those who designed the UN Human Rights Charter based on the principle of universality. We can all agree that human beings deserve access to social services, protection against torture and arbitrary arrests, freedom of expression, equal treatment, employment,... View More →

  • From Global Crises to Global Governance

    By Dr. Yılmaz Argüden Dr. Yılmaz Argüden, is the Chairman of ARGE Consulting and investment bank Rothschild in Türkiye; an author, a columnist, and an Adj. Prof. of strategy at the Bogazici and Koç Universities. He is graduate of The Pardee RAND Graduate School and the Founder of non-profit Argüden Governance Academy, operating under the aegis of Bogazici University Foundation. He was selected as a “Global Leader for Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum. The mortgage crises that started in the US in 2008 soon turned into a global crisis. This event had a more drastic effect on the citizens... View More →

  • The Political Responsibility in the Collapse of Our Planet

    By Roberto Savio December 27, 2017 NOTE: This piece has been lightly edited for clarity and republished with permission from its original post on the Inter Press Service.  ROME – On December 20th, Europe’s 28 Ministers of Environment met in Brussels, to discuss the plan for reducing emissions prepared by the Commission, so as to comply with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Well, it is now clear that we have lost the battle in keeping the planet as we have known it. Now, of course, this can be considered a personal opinion of mine, devoid of objectivity. Therefore I... View More →

  • 8 Principles of Interfaith Relations from President Obama

    By Dr. Shanta Premawardhana February 18, 2016 NOTE: This piece has been republished with permission from its original post on SCUPE.org. President Obama made two important back to back speeches that outlined his principles of interfaith relations: On February 3, 2016 at the Islamic Society of Baltimore and on February 4, 2016, at the National Prayer Breakfast. The two speeches articulate a strong affirmation of SCUPE’s work: to educate people of faith and goodwill to love our neighbors: standing in solidarity, particularly with those who find themselves in the margins. The speeches come at a critical time when Islamophobia fueled... View More →

  • What is Global Citizenship?

    By Malvika Khitha November 2017 Every morning I wake to a pop song on my iPhone and my first thought is how cool it would be if I could connect with my co-workers virtually and go about my day. This isn’t a dream anymore, I can actually exercise that right and work from home. Compare my morning routine to that of a couple of years back, and my mother would be waking me up. Neither she nor I had a phone back then—let alone an iPhone. Since I was in school at the time, it would not have occurred to... View More →

  • Are our cities prepared for extreme precipitation events?

    NOTE: This piece has been lightly edited for clarity and republished with permission from the author. You can view the original post on Six Degrees News. By Ranjan Panda September 22, 2017 From Mumbai to Houston, cities have dealt with more heavy precipitation events than ever before. As the world urbanizes, the progress that cities symbolize is in great danger. Cities are sinking, and their infrastructure has been found to be grossly lacking in the face of climate-induced disasters such as heavy rainfall and flooding. Climate change, no doubt, is at the center of these disasters, but poor urban planning is also to blame for the devastation.... View More →