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The GCitizen Blog Page is intended to provide a space for the posting of blogs, articles, and ideas on the topics of global citizenship, global governance, and related subjects. Those interested in posting a blog on this page should send their post to roncisrael@gmail.com. Ideally all submissions should be 1,000 words or less.Once your submission is received we will review it and let you know whether it has been approved for posting.

  • 8 Principles of Interfaith Relations from President Obama

    By Dr. Shanta Premawardhana February 18, 2016 NOTE: This piece has been republished with permission from its original post on SCUPE.org. President Obama made two important back to back speeches that outlined his principles of interfaith relations: On February 3, 2016 at the Islamic Society of Baltimore and on February 4, 2016, at the National Prayer Breakfast. The two speeches articulate a strong affirmation of SCUPE’s work: to educate people of faith and goodwill to love our neighbors: standing in solidarity, particularly with those who find themselves in the margins. The speeches come at a critical time when Islamophobia fueled... View More →

  • What is Global Citizenship?

    By Malvika Khitha November 2017 Every morning I wake to a pop song on my iPhone and my first thought is how cool it would be if I could connect with my co-workers virtually and go about my day. This isn’t a dream anymore, I can actually exercise that right and work from home. Compare my morning routine to that of a couple of years back, and my mother would be waking me up. Neither she nor I had a phone back then—let alone an iPhone. Since I was in school at the time, it would not have occurred to... View More →

  • Are our cities prepared for extreme precipitation events?

    NOTE: This piece has been lightly edited for clarity and republished with permission from the author. You can view the original post on Six Degrees News. By Ranjan Panda September 22, 2017 From Mumbai to Houston, cities have dealt with more heavy precipitation events than ever before. As the world urbanizes, the progress that cities symbolize is in great danger. Cities are sinking, and their infrastructure has been found to be grossly lacking in the face of climate-induced disasters such as heavy rainfall and flooding. Climate change, no doubt, is at the center of these disasters, but poor urban planning is also to blame for the devastation.... View More →

  • What It Means To Be A Global Citizen Today

    Ron Israel Executive Director The Global Citizens’ Initiative July 10, 2017   Global citizens see themselves as part of a wider community. It is a community that is rapidly emerging as a result of increased interconnectivity and interdependence between individuals and nations. A global citizen acts to support the political, social, economic and moral values of this international community. Global leaders have espoused these values for over 100 years. Such values include: human rights, gender equity, environmental stewardship and sustainable development, the reduction of poverty and income inequality, good governance, and global peace and justice. Such values are reflected in... View More →

  • The Unnoticed Demise of Democracy

    NOTE: This piece has been republished with permission from its original post on the Inter-Press Service. By Roberto Savio Politicians are so busy fighting for their jobs, they hardly seem to notice that they risk going out of business. Democracy is on the wane, yet the problem is nowhere in Parliaments. Common to all is a progressive loss of vision, of long term planning and solutions, with politics used just for power. In English, there are two terms: politics, which is term for the machinery, and policy, that is the vision. In Latin languages, there is only one, politics, and that... View More →

  • Why Do People Oppose Globalization?

    NOTE: This opinion piece has been republished with permission from its original post on Yale Global Online. Written by Farok J. Contractor NEW BRUNSWICK: Nationalistic politicians rising around the globe, in varying degrees, espouse an “our country first” mentality displaying skepticism or outright hostility toward globalization. Globalization’s ills can be described not only in terms of loss of jobs through imports and multinational companies, but also the transmission and blending of ideas, lifestyles, cultures and phobias communicated by the internet. In 2017, 3.5 billion humans access the internet. Bandwidth, less than 4.5 terabits per second in 2005, has escalated to 400 terabits per... View More →

  • Duncan Green on the global citizenship index

    NOTE: This opinion piece has been republished from its original post on Medium. Written by Duncan Green. How are different governments performing as global citizens? Time for a new index! Apologies. I get given stuff at meetings, it goes into the reading pile, and often takes months to resurface. So I have just read (and liked) a Country Global Citizenship Report Card handed to me in New York in December. It’s put together by the Global Citizens Initiative, run by Ron Israel. Time to assuage my guilt. The ‘citizens’ in question are actually 53 governments, and the report assesses them against... View More →

  • Internet governance and Trump’s assault on international travel

    NOTE: This opinion piece has been republished from its original post on the Internet Governance Project. Written by the Milton Mueller for the IGP. We join the chorus of protest and outrage caused by the Trump administration’s Executive Order on immigration. In the name of protecting the country from terrorism, the Order restricted travel from 7 arbitrarily-designated countries, and has even refused entry to people with well-established legal immigrant status, such as Green Card holders. Even after the intervention of the courts and a minor backing down by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Green Card holders from the designated countries... View More →