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The GCitizen Blog Page is intended to provide a space for the posting of blogs, articles, and ideas on the topics of global citizenship, global governance, and related subjects. Those interested in posting a blog on this page should send their post to roncisrael@gmail.com. Ideally all submissions should be 1,000 words or less.Once your submission is received we will review it and let you know whether it has been approved for posting.

  • Duncan Green on the global citizenship index

    NOTE: This opinion piece has been republished from its original post on Medium. Written by Duncan Green. How are different governments performing as global citizens? Time for a new index! Apologies. I get given stuff at meetings, it goes into the reading pile, and often takes months to resurface. So I have just read (and liked) a Country Global Citizenship Report Card handed to me in New York in December. It’s put together by the Global Citizens Initiative, run by Ron Israel. Time to assuage my guilt. The ‘citizens’ in question are actually 53 governments, and the report assesses them against... View More →

  • Internet governance and Trump’s assault on international travel

    NOTE: This opinion piece has been republished from its original post on the Internet Governance Project. Written by the Milton Mueller for the IGP. We join the chorus of protest and outrage caused by the Trump administration’s Executive Order on immigration. In the name of protecting the country from terrorism, the Order restricted travel from 7 arbitrarily-designated countries, and has even refused entry to people with well-established legal immigrant status, such as Green Card holders. Even after the intervention of the courts and a minor backing down by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Green Card holders from the designated countries... View More →

  • Will the Center Hold?: The Need to Refocus World Leaders

      By Ron Israel, Co-Founder and Director, The Global Citizens’ Initiative The planet is at the center of our well being. This includes its people (all 7 plus billion of us), its climate (now threatening to exceed the 2.0 degree Celsius tipping point), its social and cultural interconnectedness and its economic inter-dependence. Greater political support for the sustainability of our planet urgently needs to be expressed by all countries. Our planet’s well being is under attack in many ways. Across the world, there is a trend towards an inward-looking nationalism that separates local from global concerns and has little interest in the... View More →

  • Country as Citizen: Why Nation-States Must Think Globally

    By Ron Israel, Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI) Usually we think of people, not countries, as global citizens. Many of us see ourselves as citizens of the planet as well as of our individual nation. We look at a world where people have increased opportunities to connect and work with one another across borders, and wonder why these connections don’t manifest themselves in a better functioning world community. If we look hard we see that the major obstacles to the building of such a community are the countries we live in. Most modern-day countries are to... View More →

  • Responding to Trump: The Need for a Populist Globalism

    By Ron Israel, Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI) If you see yourself as a global citizen, you are probably dumbfounded by the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, and the possibility of nationalist focused regimes in France, Austria and other countries. How could such events happen in an interconnected and interdependent world, a world greatly in need of global citizenship? Is it a step backwards? The Trump election and other events like it are being described as a populist revolution. Populism is defined as “the belief in the power of regular people to have control over their... View More →

  • Heavy Fog Blocks England’s View of the World

    This article was originally published on the Association of World Citizens Blog on October 7, 2016 and has been republished here with permission. In her recent address to the Annual Conference of the Conservative Party, Theresa May, the new British Prime Minister, said in speaking of the world economy and the role of transnational corporations, “If you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.” As a World Citizen, I would say that the reverse is true: If you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of everywhere and so are concerned with... View More →

  • Governing the World ‘As If’ it Counts

    By Morten Jerven This article was originally published on Devex on July 22, 2016 and has been republished here with permission. The most challenging notion to take on board in the governance of today’s world is that not all that counts can be counted. We increasingly rely on numbers as shortcuts to information about the world that we do not have time to digest. The name of the game is governance “as if” the world counts. It might be a smart shortcut sometimes, but we are in deep trouble if we forget that we are doing it “as if” the... View More →

  • The Path Towards World Community

    By Ron Israel, Co-Founder and Executive Director, The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI) People across the world are growing closer to one another. Despite forces of populism, nationalism and religious zealotry, we are on an inexorable path towards a world community. We are involved in a growing web of global interconnectivity at all levels of society that is impossible to disassemble. The global strategist, Parag Khanna, in his brilliant new book Connectography describes the many ways in which the disparate countries and regions of our planet are being woven together. We now have technology supported connective infrastructures—transportation, energy, and communications—that globally link... View More →