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    The Nutrigain Trust focus is to develop community models that address malnutrition, food insecurity, environment protection and income generation in resource limited settings in Zimbabwe. Under the Health and income initiative theme the primary objective is to develop community post harvest technology models for fruits and vegetables that reduce peak season losses attributed to oversupply. Effective preservation and environment conservation techniques and imparted to farmers with marketing and branding skills for excess produce.
    key activities:
    1.Construction of low cost model solar driers for fruits and vegetables in Gokwe South.
    2.300 fruit and vegetable farmers trained and equipped with technologies development skills.
    3. Solar drying of mango fruits and assist farmers in branding and marketing of the best quality dried mango’s on the local market.
    4. Facilitate and formulate dried fruits cooperatives among farmers to share branding and packaging cost and increase product quantity and uniformity in quality for the market.
    5. Distribute IEC material and give advice on preservation and nutritional value of major fruits and vegetables and improved post-harvest technologies developed in Gokwe South.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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