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    Describe who you are, what you do, describe your organization if you work with one; if you are a student describe your course of study and identify your college or university; in what ways do you want your work and life to change the world.

    Please create your own topic in the Share Your Bio Forum.


    Tamoor Khalid

    Tamoor Khalid..

    Software Engineer.. currently working In Abu Dhabi..
    next year i will be taking part in Masters in criminology.
    from Canadian University in Dubai.
    i am a traveler..
    reader and right articles..
    i am supposed to be a good writer.. 😀

    part of Liberation Freedom. But not Violent..

    i am from Azad Kashmir Pakistan..
    yes.. Kashmir.. for which Pakistan and India are always fighting.

    yes.. i live extremely close to line of Control. (LOC)
    so Some bombs and shells are not a great deal for us. i can sleep quite well even if the ground is shaking.

    i love the diversity between different cultures and how strongly believe all the humans are born same and equal. no power can enslave any human at any cost. humanity is love.
    favorite quote : never under estimate the power of stupid people in large crowds.

    i am straight. 🙂
    love girls with that can play music and understand it.
    a lot interested in mystic arts.
    want to live in a Cabin somewhere in Swiss Alpes with love of my love.
    with a lot of books and coffe.
    i am a climber too.. in case i didn’t mention.

    email :


    Hey, My name is Jessica and I am the Monitoring and Evaluation officer for Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia. A non-profit committed to Advocating for sexual and reproductive rights of women, girls, men and youth especially the vulnerable and to empower them to make free and informed reproductive health choices. I also a Global Health Corps fellow and dedicated to advocating for Health Equity and Social Justice in the world, so I am already trying to be a good global citizen. I wish to see the world where everyone has equal access and availability to health resources.

    Please contact me on all thing Health, Sexual Reproductive Rights, Key Populations, Funding and Monitoring and Evaluation.

    my email is



    My name is Qasim and i am working for a bank under Global Transactions services Division in Gulf region, I am born and raised up in United Arab Emirates, I love to play football.

    If you seek any assistance with regards to financial consultancy and services let me know.

    my email is

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