Member Policy

If you are interested in finding answers to any of the following five questions, become a member TGCI:

1. How can I act more responsibly as a citizen of the globe?

2. How can I better contribute to and advocate for policies and programs that benefit the whole planet?

3. How can I become more engaged with institutions involved in global governance?

4. Where can I meet people who share my interest in global citizenship and work with them to build a better planet?

5. How can I become better informed about activities and events that influence how we live and work with one another as a global community?

Membership in TGCI is open to anyone 18 years or older who completes and submits the TGCI membership Registration Form below. There are two categories of members: (1) Base Members, who log onto our web-site periodically, and participate in TGCI activities, such as the Global Citizenship Campaign; and (2) Chapter Leaders, who volunteer (and will receive training) to organize a TGCI Chapter in their country, school or university or business profession.

Any interested member can volunteer (and receive training) to work on TGCI activities, for example being a regional correspondent for TGCI News and Events. You can choose the type of member you want to be when you fill out the Registration Form below.