TGCI Podcast

Conversations with Global Citizen Leaders  is  a monthly podcast series of interviews with leaders of global organizations and people  at the top of a global field of endeavor  who influence the ideas and policies in that field. This series is produced by The Global Citizens’ Initiative, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to promote the practice of global citizenship and help build a sustainable world community for all. The series has been ongoing for four years in print form, and is now transitioning to podcast in an effort to broaden its audience base. Ron Israel, TGCI Director, is the host for the series.

Conversations with Global Citizen Leaders

Session 1 with John Zogby

In Session 1 Ron interviews John Zogby, a well known international public opinion pollster, author and public speaker. My Zogby is the founder of the Zogby poll and the research firm Zogby analytics. He is the author of several excellent books including: First Globals: Understanding, Managing, and Unleashing Our Millennial Generation, and his most recent book—We Are Many, We Are One, Neo Tribes and Tribal Analytics in 21st Century America. In this interview he talks about the state of the art of political polling and his insights into global political and social trends.

Conversations with Global Citizen Leaders

Session 2 with Roberto Savio

In Session 2 Ron interviews Roberto Savio is a pioneer in global journalism and co-founder of well known Inter Press Service and other global development media channels. He also is a communications expert, political commentator, activist for social and climate justice, advocate for global justice and a true authentic global citizen.