TGCI 7th Annual Online Global Citizen Leadership Certificate Course

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The Global Citizens’ Initiative
Online Global Citizen Leadership Certificate Course
Fundamentals of Global Citizenship

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About the Course

This is an introduction to the 7th annual Global Citizen Leadership Certificate Program. It is intended to build the global citizen leadership skills of young and mid‐level development professionals in government, international agencies, and business, professional or nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). To date 120 participants from 22 countries have successfully completed the course.

This is an 8‐week online requires an estimated 3 hours per week of your time to complete. Course instruction begins on October 22 and ends on December 14, 2018. Participants are required to complete assignments for each module and submit a a final assignment by December 21, 2018. Certificates for those who successfully complete all elements of the course (weekly online seminar, discussion, and assignments) will be issued in January 2019.

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Course Content

The course consists of 8 modules. After this introductory module, each of the following modules will help you understand and address a specific global issue.  The final module helps you to develop a plan for strengthening your own country’s global citizenship status.

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The issues we will cover include: human rights, gender equity, sustainable development and environmental stewardship, poverty reduction, good governance, and global peace and justice. You will learn what global citizens can do to address these issues within and across their countries, and how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the policies and programs of your country in these six domains. The last module will provide you with an opportunity to develop a strategy for improving the global citizenship status of your country.

You will be asked to complete a short Active Leaning Assignment for each module. Our Active Learning Assignments draw from data that TGCI’s Country Report Card Project has collected to analyze the global citizenship status of countries in each of our six domains. This data can be accessed from, an important web-based resource for this course.

At the end of each module are (a) a short self-assessment that is intended to help you review what you have learned and (b) a list of references for articles and websites with technical information designed to increase your understanding of the Module topic.

Course faculty include university and research experts and staff from The Global Citizens’ Initiative ( TGCI is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the practice of global citizenship. Our course is intended to build a cadre of global citizen leaders who can play leadership roles in addressing global issues and improve the global citizenship status of their countries.

All those interested in taking our course must complete an online application form, available on the home page of our website, and also pay a required $350 registration fee. Due to the limited number of spaces available, approval to take the course is contingent on faculty review of each participant’s application form and the payment of the course registration fee.

Please submit your application form as early as possible. Deadline for the submission of registration forms is Wednesday October 12, 2018.

Once you are officially registered for the course and submit your program fee, you will receive a downloadable course Instructional Guide and a Portfolio that contains Worksheets associated with each of the modules in the course. (See below for further details on how to use the course Instructional Guide and Portfolio). You will also receive a free eBook – Global Citizenship: A Path to Building Identity and Community in a Globalized World, by Ron Israel, Co-Founder and Director of The Global Citizens’ Initiative.

The format of the course combines self-study of print and online materials with online mentoring and group discussions. There are 8 modules. The study and related active learning assignment for each module takes place over one-week segments. A complete course calendar is provided at the end of this introductory module.

What You Will Achieve

The Fundamentals of Global Citizenship Course will help you achieve the following four important professional learning goals:

  1. Increased awareness and understanding of what it means to be a global citizen and a global citizen leader
  2. Increase understanding of the inter-related global issues that confront our planet
  3. Increased ability to advocate for the implementation of policies and standards that address these global issues within and across your countries
  4. Increased ability to organize other citizens in your country in order to address global issues.

How to Take the Course

The steps involved in taking the course and receiving a successful certificate for completion are as follows:

Step One: Complete and submit a course Registration Form to or click here to Apply Online. If you are accepted into the course you will be notified and asked to proceed to Step #2.

Step Two: Submit your course registration fee. There are three ways in which you can submit your course payment:

The first payment option is to make your payment through PayPal or a credit card (through PayPal). Using PayPal, submit your payment specifying the amount and indicating the following recipient email address :

The second payment option is to pay using MoneyGram. This requires that you
transfer funds from a MoneyGram outlet in your country to an account managed by
TGCI. If you indicate that you will pay using MoneyGram you will be contacted with
further instructions on how to make payment.

A third payment option is to pay by a bank certified check. Please make your check out to The Global Citizens’ Initiative and mail your check to The Global Citizens’ Initiative, 82 Buckingham Road, Milton, Massachusetts 02186

All payments for the course must be received by October 17, 2018.

Step Three: Follow the course schedule (see Course Calendar at the end of this document). For each module complete the following tasks: (a) read the content of the module found in your Instructional Guide; (b) read at least two of the listed reference articles provided for each module; (c) complete the short self-assessment provided at the end of each module; (d) complete the Active Learning Assignment for each module and include your findings in the one-page worksheet for that specific module that is provided in your Portfolio; and (e) participate in the online mentoring and group discussions scheduled for each module.

Step Four: Once you have completed all 8 course modules and related Worksheets submit your Portfolio for review by program staff. Submit your Portfolio to no later than December 21, 2018.

Step Five: Once the program staff has completed its review of your Portfolio they will either (a) contact you for more information if your Portfolio is incomplete or (b) issue you a Program Certificate in January 2019.

Should any questions arise as you take the course, please feel free to contact program staff through

We look forward to your participation and wish you the best of luck in completing the Fundamentals of Global Citizenship Certificate Course.

Ron Israel
Co-Founder and Director
The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI)

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