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Dual Citizenship: My Country and the World


The Global Citizens' Initiative (TGCI) helps build the global citizenship skills and capacities of individuals, governments, NGOs, and businesses. We strengthen the ability of individuals and organizations to act as global citizens in their communities, countries, and across the world. We help build the global citizenship skills needed to solve world issues such as human rights, gender equity, the environment, sustainable development, poverty, and global peace and justice. JOIN US at www.theglobalcitizensinitiative.org / or for more information contact info@gcitizen.org

Our Mission

To bring together people and organizations to promote the practice of global citizenship and build a values-based, sustainable world community.

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G-Citizen Headline News

  • Water scarcity affects countries around the globe

    October 08, 2015

    Fresh water, one of the most basic human needs, constitutes 2.5 of the Earth’s water supply. With global population booming, and water consumption outpacing even population growth, this limited supply is dwindling, and people in developed and developing countries alike are feeling the effects. In developing countries, the need is often more immediate, with close […]

  • UN agrees unanimously on Social Development Agenda

    October 08, 2015

    On August 2nd, the UN’s 193 member states unanimously agreed on a new Sustainable Development Agenda (SDA). This important and encouraging milestone comes with a price tag, however, and could cost 3.5 to 5.0 trillion dollars per year. If this ambitious target is going to be hit, all countries will have to do their share […]

  • World Council of Churches brings different faiths together for peaceful dialogue

    October 08, 2015

    Throughout history, conflicts between groups with different religious beliefs have led to subjugation, violence and even war. Although religious differences may seem insurmountably deep, religious diversity can make our world a richer, more complex place, more colorful place if we are able to be kind and respectful to those with different beliefs. The World Council […]

  • L.G.B.T. community targeted by Islamic State

    October 08, 2015

    Many minority groups around the world are the targets of hate crimes, due to their religion, ethnicity, country of origin, sexual orientation, and other characteristics that make them different from their peers. The L.G.B.T. community, especially in areas influenced by the Islamic state, have been under attack in the recent past, and it is important […]

  • Nuclear facilities vulnerable to cyber‚Äźattacks

    October 08, 2015

    In an age when nearly every important system is online, cyber-security becomes increasingly important. Nuclear plants, unfortunately, are no less vulnerable to cyber-attacks than any other highly secure facilities, and reports of attacks on these facilities are now a daily occurrence according to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Given the significant risk of nuclear […]

  • Hiatus or not, global temperatures continue to rise

    October 08, 2015

    Between climate change deniers and climate scientists, and within the scientific community itself, there has been some debate over whether climate change has taken a “hiatus” in recent years. In spite of humanity’s profound influence on the climate, there are certain natural, global patterns that continue to affect temperatures and may appear to slow or […]

  • Kiribati calls for a halt to new coal production

    October 08, 2015

    As carbon emissions cause global temperatures to rise, sea levels around the world rise as well, sometimes with disastrous consequences for the populations of entire countries. Kiribati, an island nation in the Pacific with a population of 103,000, is one of the countries most vulnerable to sea level rise, and its President, Anote Tong, understands […]

  • The International Criminal Court struggles with resources and legitimacy

    October 08, 2015

    As a 12 year old institution, the¬†International Criminal Court (ICC) has¬†accomplished a great deal, with 22 cases¬†across eight African countries. However,¬†the demand for ICC services is far greater¬†than what the institution has supplied, and¬†allegations of international crimes in nine¬†other countries, many of which are outside¬†of Africa, are currently under examination¬†by the ICC prosecutor. With budgetary¬†constraints […]

  • “Accountability begins at the top” for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    October 02, 2015

    In the wake of the rape of a 12-year old girl by UN peacekeeping troops in the Central African Republic, in addition to 11 other cases of sexual abuse reported in this country, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has fired Babacar Gaye, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Had of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization […]

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