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Dual Citizenship: My Country and the World


The Global Citizens' Initiative (TGCI) helps build the global citizenship skills and capacities of individuals, governments, NGOs, and businesses. We strengthen the ability of individuals and organizations to act as global citizens in their communities, countries, and across the world. We help build the global citizenship skills needed to solve world issues such as human rights, gender equity, the environment, sustainable development, poverty, and global peace and justice. JOIN US at www.theglobalcitizensinitiative.org / or for more information contact info@gcitizen.org

Our Mission

To bring together people and organizations to promote the practice of global citizenship and build a values-based, sustainable world community.

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Latest Articles

  • The Case for Open Skies

    March 03, 2016

    After a Russian request to equip its surveillance aircraft with digital electro-optical sensors, U.S. military officials appeared to question American participation in the Treaty on Open Skies. At a recent hearing before the House Armed Services subcommittee, Admiral Cecil D. Haney expressed concerns that overflights may allow other nations to learn more about our critical […]

  • U.N. Toughens Sanctions on North Korea in Response to Its Nuclear Program

    March 03, 2016

    With North Korea’s most recent nuclear bomb and ballistic missile tests, the UN Security Council unanimously voted to severely increase its sanctions against the hermit kingdom. These measures will undermine Kim Jung Un’s government to raise money and secure technology and other resources for its nuclear weapons program. These sanctions were welcomed by the Obama […]

  • The UN’s System of Selective Security

    March 03, 2016

    With Security Council inaction in Syria and Ukraine, many observers have expressed cynicism or despair over the organization’s effectiveness and future. Pass Blue writes that the UN has been a system of selective security since its foundation in 1945. It explains that the UN charter has elements of collective security, but with the veto power […]

  • Border Restrictions Violate 1951 Refugee Convention

    March 03, 2016

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has voiced concerns over increasing border restrictions in the Balkans, which have been erected in response to the refugee crisis in that area. Such barriers are a violation of the 1951 Refugee Convention, and its 1967 protocol for creating a blanket obstacle, rather than individually determining each refugee’s status and protection […]

  • African Nations & Russia Protest UN Stamps on Gay, Lesbian Rights

    March 03, 2016

    The UN Postal Administration has drawn the ire of the 54 members of the African Group and Russia as a result of the six new commemorative stamps promoting the rights of LGBT communities. Justin Kisoka a Minister Counselor at the Tanzanian Mission to the United Nations demanded the campaign’s immediate cessation, saying that the stamps […]

  • Consultations Begin on Indigenous Peoples’ Participation at UN

    March 03, 2016

    The advisers for consultations on the participation of indigenous peoples at the UN presented a road map for the consultation process, which begins on 8 March 2016 with an electronic consultation. UN General Assembly (UNGA) President Mogens Lykketoft appointed four advisers for the process, from Finland, Ghana, North America and the Pacific region. Read more […]

  • How persistent is poverty in the short run?

    March 03, 2016

    It is often difficult to tell how often households enter and exit poverty in the short run, since poverty is often measured using repeated cross-sectional surveys that only provide snapshots of poverty status at a specific moment in time. A different research design, using panel surveys that repeatedly visit the same respondents enable such detailed […]

  • Poverty Reduction and Income Inequality

    March 03, 2016

    More than 300 individuals and organizations have launched the Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights (GCA). The campaign aims to double the amount of land legally recognized as owned or controlled by Indigenous Peoples and communities by 2020, and eventually, secure lands for all communities and Indigenous Peoples. Currently an estimated […]

  • Middle-Class Heroes: The Best of Good Governance

    March 03, 2016

    The emergence of large middle classes in developing countries is not only good for economies, but also for governance. The size of a country’s middle class has significant economic and political implications, as their disposable income increases demand for domestic goods and services, and helps build human capital as parents invent in their children’s education. […]

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