Helping the Planet 

Examples of our efforts to address global challenges.

Climate Scorecard

Climate Scorecard’s Global Spotlight Report #15 looks at the ways in which leading greenhouse gas emitting countries collect climate change data. Support our effort to help the Paris Agreement reach its goals. Learn more

Now open: Introduction to Global Citizen Leadership Certificate Course

Our acclaimed Introduction to Global Citizen Leadership Certificate Course is now available as an online course at a very affordable price. The course is designed for young professionals active or interested in international development. It strengthens the ability of its participants to address global issues such as human rights, climate, change, poverty, and global peace and justice. You can take the course by registering at

Ending child sexual abuse in Liberia

TGCI is working to enable Liberian citizens and government to work together to prevent and address the problem of child sexual abuse. We make use of simple cell phone based technology that enables citizens to report an incidence of abuse and government to apprehend perpetrators and address the needs of victims. Learn more at

Global Citizen Blog

TGCI is pleased to present a monthly blog on global citizenship and collaboration written by experts in different fields. 

The World in a Single Chart

Eleven charts by SEPGRA that explain the world today.

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Featured story: 2024: A Pivotal Year of Elections That Could Reshape Global Politics 

Other stories include:

  • The Imperative for an International Cybersecurity
  • Global Renewable Energy Capacity Soars by 50% in 2023mate Catastrophe
  • Geopolitical Conflicts Threaten Global Commerce and Maritime Trade Routes

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2024: A Pivotal Year of Elections That Could Reshape Global Politics

In 2024, over 60 countries are set to hold elections, marking a record number and earning the year the label “the ultimate election year.” The elections are seen as a crucial litmus test for gauging global responses to ongoing crises, with concerns about the state of democracy and the potential for a shift toward more autocracy depending on the outcomes. Read on.

Many ways to get involved

Different ways in which your participation in what we do can help make a difference. 

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The Global Perspective Series

The series, written by TGCI Director Ron Israel, examples different global issues from the perspective of  What would the whole world do?  In other words, how could this issue best be addressed if we take the interest of the entire planet into account.

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Global Citizen Blog

A monthly blog on global citizenship and collaboration written by experts in different fields.

Country Global Citizenship Report Card

See the status of your country’s ability to collaborate with others. 

Deepen your understanding

What you need to know about the events, activities, and ideas that are shaping our world.

Different Ways of Looking at the World

Connectivity Atlas

Infrastructure connects us and defines us. The roads, pipelines and Internet cables that deliver our services also shape our opportunities, our vulnerabilities, and our identities. Political and geographic maps abound – yet there are few useful, elegant maps of the complex infrastructure that ties us. The Connectivity Atlas invites you to explore the shapes and lines that advance our global connectedness. We believe that great insight lies in these maps.

Population Cartogram

Our World in Data developed this cartogram for the world population in 2018 to show how living conditions around the world are changing. The cartogram is made up of squares, each of which represents half a million people of a country’s population. The 11.5 million Belgians are represented by 23 squares; the 49.5 million Colombians are represented by 99 squares; the 1.415 billion people in China are represented by 2830 squares; and this year’s entire world population of 7.633 billion people is represented by the total sum of 15,266 squares. Visit the site to learn more about how global living conditions are changing.

Quote of the month

The coronavirus pandemic is “just a fire drill” for what is likely to follow from the climate crisis, and the protests over racial injustice around the world show the need to tie together social equality, environmental sustainability and health, the UN’s sustainable business chief has said. “The overall problem is that we are not sustainable in the ways we are living and producing on the planet today,” said Lise Kingo, the executive director of the UN Global Compact. “The only way forward is to create a world that leaves no one behind.”


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