Why donate to TGCI?

The Global Citizens’ Initiative brings together people and organizations from different countries to combat the global problems that confront all countries—problems such as climate change, poverty, and human rights. Our work builds strengthens the ability of people to meet these challenges within and across counties. This holiday season please consider making a PayPal donation.  

Your donation can be earmarked for any of our current activities.

  • Climate Scorecard: Our work that is persuading leading greenhouse gas emitting countries to reduce their emissions and strengthen their pledges to the Paris Climate Agreement (Learn More at www.climatescorecard.org )
  • Campaign to End Child Sexual Abuse in Liberia: Our efforts to promote collaboration between Liberian citizens and their government to prevent and address incidents of sexual abuse of girls and young women. (Learn More at www.endingsexualabuse.org )
  • Global Citizen Leadership Scholarship Fund: We offer an online course that helps young community leaders around the world strengthen their ability to address human rights and other development issues. Learn more here.
  • General Program Support: Your contribution will enable TGCI to support and manage its global programs, and produce educational materials that keep people informed about the policies and programs that are shaping our world.

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