This month, we bring three interesting articles to your attention. They look at how the world is changing while facing global threats.
As climate change and the environment are matters of great and urgent concern worldwide, should the UN redesign its Trusteeship Council to address those two pressing issues? This is the topic of Thalif Deen’s new op-ed “Is it Time to Create a UN Political Body for Climate Change?”.
Thalif Deen is Senior Editor and Director at the UN Bureau of Inter Press Service (IPS) news agency.
Did we hit the limit of our capacity to get along?┬áThis is the question Farhad Manjoo poses in his new opinion piece: “What if humanity’s capacity to cooperate has been undone by the very technology we thought would bring us all together?”
Farhad Manjoo is an American journalist. He is a technology columnist at The New York Times.
In “Revamped UN System Crucial for a Changing World,” Trevor Page discusses why a revamped United Nations System is critical if the world wants to deal effectively with the challenges of the 21st century: “While 2021 will end up as a disappointing year for multilateralists, the challenges that lie ahead in 2022 and beyond will be even greater.”
Trevor Page is a former Director of the World Food Programme. He also served with the UN refugee agency, UNHCR and the UN Department of Political and Peace Building Affairs.