This month, we share a piece by Hazel Henderson that explores the promise and perils of mediocracies in the age of corporations and social media.
The promise and perils of mediocracies
“We humans have evolved a new form of governance beyond our machine age democracies: toward radical still unruly participatory mediocracies in our Information Age,” writes Henderson.
“A key to restoring the promise of mediocracies,” she says, “as they continue to overtake all forms of government, is to examine the failures of market-driven models while retaining their continuous use in all human societies and our multiple-level transactions.”
Hazel Henderson, author of ”Mapping the Global Transition to the Solar Age” and other books in 800 libraries worldwide in over 20 languages, is CEO of Ethical Markets Media Certified B. Corporation, producer of “Transforming Finance” TV series and publishers of the Green Transition Scoreboard.